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Holy Trinity Church (Boguslav)

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Kiev region, 6 Karla Marxa Street, Boguslav

49.547806 | 30.871309

(066) 778-69-69

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Museum of the History of Boguslav Region

36 Shevchenko Street, Boguslav

Other architectural attractions

House of Pokras in Boguslav

40 Shevchenko Str, Bohuslav


1 Uchylyshchna Str, Bohuslav


Mark Vovchko Memorial Museum-Estate

15, Marko Vovchok street, Boguslav

Natural objects and reserves

Boguslavsky granite outcrop

48 Korsunska St, Bohuslav

Churches, monasteries, sights of pilgrimage

St. Nicholas Monastery in Bohuslav

35 Ozernaya Str., Bohuslav

Natural objects and reserves

Thresholds of Khokhitva, Khokhitva village

Khokhitva, Kyiv region, 09740

Other architectural attractions

Windmill in Pustovity village

Pustovity village


Myronivka Museum of Local Lore

street Sobornosti, 62, Myronivka

Churches, monasteries, sights of pilgrimage

Cave monastery in the village of Buda

village Buda

Other architectural attractions

Myronivsky Wheat Institute named after V.M. Remeslo

68, Centralna street, Centralne village

Natural objects and reserves

Mount Totoha (Medvin village)

Medvin village, Boguslavsky district of the Kiev region

Where to stay?


Guest house "Miracle"

17 Nechuy-Levytsky street, Boguslav


Hohitva Eco-Estate

17 Lisova street, s. Khokhitva, Boguslav


Tourist and health complex «Potters»

45 Zveniev street, Dybintsi

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